A care home provides a safe place for older people to live, where they can access support and care. Some elderly people, or people of a certain age, can become very lonely living by themselves and can begin to struggle with aspects of daily living. This can be stressful for themselves and their family. Care homes assist with daily living and personal care, and the level of care given is tailor-made for each individual.

No two people are the same, and the care that they require will not be either. Care homes differ from assisted living accommodation and home care, and careful consideration needs to be made when deciding on the right solution for your and your family. At St Philips Care we always take the time to talk to you to help you to make the right decision.


What does a care home do?

Most of our care homes generally have around 20 – 40 residents. Each resident will have their own room, where they can spend time by themselves if they would like some privacy. Many of our rooms have ensuite facilities, and in some homes, we have kitchenettes for those who would like more independence. Each care home will have a selection of communal rooms, from libraries to sitting rooms, where residents can enjoy the company of others. All our care homes have dining rooms where we serve regular home-cooked meals throughout the day.

For residents who would rather eat in their rooms, we can bring meals on a tray. Our care homes have beautiful grounds and gardens where residents can enjoy the sunshine and take gentle strolls. Our care homes are staffed by kind and compassionate carers who ensure that all the residents are looked after throughout the day and night. Care homes are an ideal solution for older people who are struggling in their own homes. Whether it is simply for the social aspect of living in a care home, or for those with dementia, a care home can be the ideal solution.


Why choose a care home?

When you are considering the next step in life, a care home is one of the options. The other main ones are assisted living, sometimes known as sheltered accommodation, and home care. Assisted living is where you buy or rent a flat within a complex. The level of assistance varies greatly and it is important to ascertain what help you will have access to. Home care is where carers come into your home and help you with daily tasks, and personal care.

This can give you some support but can leave you with large portions of time where you are alone. A care home provides 24-hour care, which can adapt to your changing needs. If your health becomes more challenging while you are a resident in a care home, the structure to support you is already there. Assisted living or home care can work as a solution to a point but can be flexible towards your changing needs. A care home gives you care within a community.


When should you consider a care home?

As with many big life decisions, moving into a care home needs to be carefully thought about. Making hasty decisions in pressurised situations can make the process more stressful. Taking the time to consider your options will help you to come to a better solution.

At St Philips Care our staff are used to having difficult conversations. We can help you with introducing the idea of moving into a care home with your family and are here throughout the process to ease the transition. It is worth considering a care home if any of the following apply to you or a loved one:

– you are lonely

– you are struggling with everyday tasks such as shopping or cooking

– you are finding it increasingly difficult to look after yourself

– you are experiencing anxiety or depression

– you are finding it hard to remember names, dates, or numbers

We understand that it is a big decision to make, and it can be a very emotive scenario for all involved. But we are here to provide help and support and help to make the move as smooth as possible.


Understanding the different types of care home

When we ask “what is a care home?” it is important to understand the different types of care homes and the services that they offer. This understanding will help you make an informed choice about the right type of care home for you or your loved one. Care homes are either residential homes or nursing homes and they both provide different services. At St Philips Care the majority of our care homes offer residential care, but we do have a few nursing homes within our group.


Residential homes

As the name would suggest residential homes offer residential care. This is 24-hour care delivered by our trained carers. Residential care includes personal care, assistance with daily tasks, help with eating and drinking. All our residential care is personalised.

If you are active and mobile you can enjoy an independent lifestyle, taking trips into the local community. If your needs are greater then we have carers on hand around the clock to ensure that you are safe and cared for. District nurses regularly attend residential homes to deliver nursing care to those who need it, but there are no resident nurses in a resident.


Nursing homes

Nursing homes are for those people who have a higher level of need. Where people require nursing care regularly then a nursing home will be the right fit. Nursing homes are a good choice for those who have continuing healthcare issues as experts are on-site to ensure that they are well-looked at all times.

Nursing homes are staffed with a combination of carers and nurses to provide comprehensive care for complex needs.


How much will a residential care home cost?

The media often unfairly malign care homes, we have all read stories of people being forced to sell their family homes to pay for care. In reality, the situation is much fairer than that. As with all aspects of care, our home managers will be able to explain the details and complexities of the finances to you.

The costs of a care home depend upon a range of factors but we will be able to help you understand this. Many of our residents receive local authority funding to help with their care costs, so do not worry that you will not be able to afford it. When you come to us we will be able to give you advice which will help you to understand how the system works.


Choosing a care home

The best way to choose a care home is to visit. Even when the coronavirus pandemic made visiting our care homes impossible, we were still offering virtual tours. A visit gives you the chance to see what the home is like, how it feels and allows you to talk to the staff. We are here to answer all your questions. It can be helpful to come for tea, or a short respite stay. We often find that when people come for a stay, they have such a nice time that they don’t want to go back home!

Attending the home regularly in the time up to the move can help ease the transition. We always encourage you to come and visit. Deciding on a care home is such a personal choice it is vitally important that it is the right choice for you and your family. We carry out thorough assessments before residents enter our homes to make sure that we are the right fit for you. Your happiness is our primary concern, if we don’t feel that we can provide the right support and environment for you we will tell you. You can be confident with St Philips Care that we will work with you provide the best solution for you and your family.


 What’s the next step?

All change begins with a conversation, start yours today. Our care home group consists of 32 care homes across the UK such as Bridgnorth, Buxton, and from the tips to Scotland to the sunny Channel Island of Jersey. Every care home is capably run by a home manager, backed up by an administrator and a deputy manager, as well as a whole host of supporting staff from activities coordinators, chefs to maintenance men.

Each member of our team plays a vital role in ensuring that the care that all our residents receive is delivered with kindness and compassion. If you are considering a care home, please get in touch with us and let us help you take the next step.


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