Safety and Cleanliness

We take the safety and cleanliness of our care homes very seriously. The COVID pandemic has only heightened the attention that we pay to the cleanliness of our homes. We have always followed Government guidelines as regards cleaning protocol and follow advice from our relevant governing bodies in England, Scotland, and Jersey.

We have cleaning schedules in place in all our homes, and our senior management work with head office to ensure that regular auditing takes place to make sure that the schedules are followed correctly. The care and safety of our residents is at the forefront of all that we do, and ensuring that our care homes are clean and safe is a vital part of this.

care homes have a specialist domestic
All our care homes have a specialist domestic unit within the staffing team who are responsible for the ongoing cleaning of the care home throughout the day. We ensure that all residents’ rooms are cleaned regularly whilst being respectful of their need to use their rooms throughout the day and night. We ensure that all communal areas are cleaned regularly to reduce cross-contamination while allowing our residents the opportunity to spend time together which is so beneficial for their mental health.

We spend time ensuring that we use good quality cleaning products throughout our care home group, with a balance of effectiveness and ecological qualities. We research the available products and make sure that we source the best time of products for our care homes and residents.

Our regional support managers regularly visit all our care homes to ensure that our high standards are always maintained across all our care homes. We are proud of the high level of dedication shown by all our staff across all departments.