The media likes to talk about how expensive care homes are, but at St Philips Care we believe that good care should be affordable for everyone. Our homes offer a mix of Local Authority and privately funded rooms. Our helpful and friendly home managers will be able to help you with any questions about the funding of care that you may have.

Local Authority funding ensures that all those who need care in the United Kingdom can access the care that they require. Local Authority funding is means-tested. Means testing is when the Local Authority assesses your capability to pay for your care and help those who do not have the resources to afford care. Private funding is where you pay for your own care. This is for those people who have sufficient funds to be able to cover the cost of their care.

Local Authority or privately funded care
Whether you have Local Authority or privately funded care the level of care that you receive is the same. Privately funded care may give you a bigger room, but the quality and level of care is always the same. We never differentiate between the two. Everyone deserves to receive good care, and our fee structure is designed to be fair and affordable for all.

We appreciate that discussing finances can be tricky for families, but our compassionate home managers are experienced in having these conversations. They will always be available for help and support and to explain any part of the process that you may find unclear. If you would like advice on how to discuss finances with your loved ones, please speak to our home managers and let them help you.

Our care homes are designed to provide a safe, homely environment for those who need it most. Our care home model is created around giving excellent care at an affordable rate. Life doesn’t need to be lonely, come and visit our homes and see how we can help you.