Care activities

Nobody likes being bored. Research shows that keeping your body and mind active into old age can help to reduce the effects of some illnesses, as well as improving our mental health. We understand the importance of providing a range of engaging activities, that can be appreciated by different people in all of our homes.

 Because we are all different, we make sure that we offer a range of activities for all tastes. Whether you wish to continue with a lifelong passion or try out a new hobby we will have something for you. Each of our homes is unique, so we don’t have a group timetable that the homes must adhere to. The majority of our homes have an activities coordinator who comes up with great fun every day! Some of our residents enjoy sharing their hobbies with other residents, and if it is something that they wish to do, we encourage them to share their passions.

care home activities
All our activities are open to all our residents, we never exclude anyone on any grounds. However, we equally understand that not everyone enjoys group activities, and always make sure that there are quiet areas for residents who do not wish to participate. To provide a balance for residents who may enjoy participating in a smaller group, we try and organise some activities where the group size is more manageable. We have no agenda, we just want our residents to enjoy their days doing what they want to do, whether that is joining in with a group craft session, or quietly spending one-to-one time reminiscing with one of our trained care staff.

We don’t just confine our activities to the home. Where possible we organise trips out for residents. Whether it be to a local attraction, for a spot of fish and chips for lunch, or to visit a beautiful park. Our staff are experienced at organized trips out and can create pleasurable days that cater to a range of differing abilities.

If you are considering a care home for either yourself or a loved one, why not come along for a visit? Join us for afternoon tea, a game of cards, or some music. Whatever we have on offer, you can join in. Don’t just wonder what a day in a care home is like, come and see for yourself.