Our sole focus of attention at St Philips is to ensure our residents are able to achieve the outcomes and overall wellbeing we would all want for ourselves.

Although there is no substitute for the care and attention provided by our staff, information technology is playing an increasingly important role in supporting the positive outcomes we can achieve.

St Philips is at the forefront of investing in such technology including care planning, medication recording and upgrades to silent call bells where available.

As well as investing in technology to ensure that we deliver an exceptionally high standard of care, we also ensure that the care that we deliver is openly and transparently monitored and audited. Our onsite home manager can monitor care online and in person, being ably supported by our team of auditors at our head office. They have the capability to monitor in real time, producing daily reports, which promote an ongoing high level of quality assurance for all of our homes.

Our residents are at the heart of all that we do, and we invest in modern technology to ensure that they are consistently cared for with kindness and compassion. 


Electronic care planning

Providing Person Centred Care

‘Why would we want our care staff to be buried under a mountain of paperwork when they can be by the side of your oved one’

Technology has provided the opportunity to record in much greater detail and accuracy care at the point of delivery. No longer do staff have to step away from the ‘care floor’ to retrospectively record care delivered which often leads to missed information and inefficiency.

An improvement in the information available has undoubtedly led to the possibility of better overall outcomes being achieved and an increase in the available time to support physical and mental wellbeing with each person.


Medication Recording

Keeping our Residents Safe

Care homes like most healthcare settings can be busy environments and as such discipline is required when administering medication. Historically this has required a detailed written recording procedure, which can be prone to human error. Improved systems and technological advances have meant that procedures become standardised with in-built protection which when adopted minimise the opportunity for errors to occur.

St Philips has invested in an electronic medication system which not only supports the dispensing process but also allows management oversight to track dispensing including alerts where refusal occurs to take any prescribed medication.


Call bell monitoring

A care home is a busy place where residents receive 24/7 care and support. At times residents may require more care and support which increases their use of the call bell to request assistance. This can often be problematic for other residents as the ‘peace’ is disturbed. St Philips is investing in a silent call bell system which alerts the handset being used for care planning. Not only will the silent system support the overall provision of better care, but also will increase the information available to support people living with us.