Great British Fayre

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St Philips Care looks forward to special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries where our cooks can excel in their baking skills. Families and friends are always encouraged and welcomed to our homes and we freely provide refreshments for residents and their guests throughout the day.

Here at St Philips Care, we believe that food, nutrition, and coming together to share meals is an incredibly important part of life in our care homes. Good quality food gives balanced and healthy nutrition to those who need it most. Where our residents need a textured or modified diet, we can provide this using the same high-quality ingredients. Equally, those residents who are vegetarian, vegan, or have other dietary requirements, can benefit from the high-quality ingredients that we source for all of our homes.

We pride ourselves on sourcing local butcher meat, from British farms, such as Silverside beef, loin of pork and shoulder of lamb, so that we can give our residents traditional dinners. Our menus include British classics such as roast lamb, rolled leg of pork, gammon, chicken breast fillets and a selection of pies. Friday is traditionally fish day, and we indulge this tradition by offering our residents either home-cooked fish and chips or (our favourite treat) takeout from the local fish and chip shop.

We always encourage individual choice and listen to the needs and wishes, likes and dislikes of our residents. Please see below for a sample menu.

As a company, we work closely with the Caroline Walker Trust. The work of the Caroline Walker Trust is particularly targeted towards vulnerable groups and people who need special help. They produce nutritional and practical guidelines for both young and old. Please see below to learn more about the Caroline Walker Trust.

In our homes we make a commitment to our residents to provide them with homecooked, fresh, traditional fayre, that is cooked in our onsite kitchens using locally sourced British produce. We understand that nutrition and healthy eating play a huge part in optimising the well-being of our residents. Meals aren’t just about the physical nourishment that we gain, but also the emotional. Dining with friends, and sharing meals together, gives our residents a social and enjoyable experience throughout the day. Our care homes all have specific dining areas so that our residents can enjoy their meals, with enough space, and enough time to savour every last mouthful.

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The Caroline Walker Trust