Regulations exist to keep people safe. All our care homes are governed by the relevant governing bodies for their country. Our care homes in England are under the Care Quality Commission CQC, our Scottish homes are under the Care Inspectorate CI, and our care home in Jersey is under the Jersey Care Commission JCC. Each governing body has a set of principles to which all homes must adhere and are judged accordingly.

Care homes are regularly inspected by external auditors to ensure that they meet guidelines, and we embrace the work done by the externals auditors for upholding a high standard of care across the country. We have our own internal auditing suite, which makes sure that we maintain a high standard of care between inspections.

We take our values of transparency and honesty very seriously and endeavor to always maintain an exceptional level of care. We have a complaints policy in place, which clearly shows how to make a complaint, and how this will be dealt with in our organisation. We take all complaints very seriously and investigate each one appropriately.

We work closely with our governing bodies to make sure that we are constantly improving our service and working to the latest regulations. At the heart of all that we do is the well-being of our residents, and the open relationships that we have with the regulatory bodies across the country only serve to always promote the welfare of the residents.