Care Home Life

The best way to find out about care home life is to come and experience it. We offer respite stay and day visits. You can come for as many visits as would wish before you move in, though often after staying people don’t want to go home!

One of our core beliefs at St Philips Care is that we are all individuals. We don’t make our residents fit in with our timetable, but instead by using person-centred care, we create a day to suit them. If you like to rise early, or you like to sleep in, you can. If you don’t want to eat breakfast, because you never have, we aren’t going to make you. If you love puddings we will make sure we have puddings that you like.

Our care homes are designed to provide a balance of independence and companionship. So if you want a quiet morning reading a book in your room, you can. If you want to come down to our communal areas and join in with activities you can. Every home has different activities, so there will always be something for everyone throughout the day.

beautiful outdoor spaces
Every day is different. Many of our homes have visiting hairdressers and chiropodists for a touch of pampering. Or maybe we have a group of card fanatics who can be found in a sunny corner of a sitting room. For those who require more care, our professional staff are always on hand to provide support and comfort.

Good nutrition is a vital part of health and well-being for all of us, but particularly for the elderly. Our dedicated chefs ensure that all residents can enjoy a home-cooked sit-down meal whatever their dietary needs. Whether your health requires the exclusion of certain food groups, or your dietician has advised textured foods, our experienced staff can provide them. We encourage our residents to join together for meals, in our beautiful dining rooms, so that every meal is a pleasurable occasion. However, if required, we can give our residents meals in their rooms, especially important for those who are bedbound.

Our homes have beautiful outdoor spaces, some with extensive lawned gardens, others with patioed seating areas. Residents are encouraged to utilize the outdoor spaces, maybe taking a walk with care staff across the lawns, or enjoying a cup of tea in the sunshine. Further activities take place in the afternoon perhaps a seated exercise class or an indoor craft activity.

Every day is made better by the addition of tea, and days in our care homes are no different. We make sure that all residents can enjoy afternoon tea, and supper later on in the evening before bedtime. As with getting up times, we encourage residents to go to bed when they wish. Some of us are early larks, and some of us are night owls. If you are a night owl, our nighttime staff will always be around to keep you company or enjoy a hot drink with you. In all our care homes our aim is for our residents to live their life the way that they want to, our home is your home. Come and join us.