Quality Care Management

At St Philips Care great care is at the heart of all that we do. “We pride ourselves on the open and transparent care that we provide, and always strive to improve and develop the quality of the care that we give to our residents,” says Paul Farmer, CEO of St Philips Care.

We have invested in the latest care technology which enables our care staff to spend less time in the office writing up their notes, and more time actually in the home with our residents. This technology also allows a highly trained head office to carry out quality assurance auditing on the care being given. This internal auditing framework has been highly praised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) the English governing body that ensures that all care delivered in England is safe, effective, caring, responsive, and well-led. A similar framework is used by the Care Inspectorate (CI) in Scotland and the Jersey Care Commission (JCC) in Jersey.
360-degree quality assurance in care homes
AS well as our own internal auditing which gives 360-degree quality assurance, we also welcome external auditing from the relevant governing bodies depending upon location. We want to work with the governing bodies to ensure that any areas where we could improve are acted upon swiftly. This willingness to improve and develop the care that we offer is seen throughout our company. From the care staff, through to the senior management team, our company ethos is that of open and honest communication which allows for changes to be made where needed to improve the quality of care offered.

As well as ensuring that the care that we currently deliver is first-rate, we also invest in our training to make sure that our workforce is constantly evolving to meet the growing needs of our residents. The training that we give means that our care staff are capable and dependable in all situations. We take the responsibility of caring for our residents very seriously and have policy and structure in place, should any concerns arise. Our National Care Director and Clinical Care Director have oversight over all of our 32 care homes, with a team of highly professional regional managers who care for groups of homes in their areas.

In all that we do and at all times, the care of our residents is our priority. We always strive to deliver quality care with kindness and compassion, and ensure that we always act swiftly should the quality of care be less than we expect. Our supportive management structure ensures that additional support is immediately available and any necessary changes can be implemented quickly and efficiently.