Mental Health Care For All Ages

We have a specialist group of mental health homes that provide care for adults with a range of mental health conditions. Whether you need temporary accommodation to help you transition back into the community or long-term support with daily living, we can help. Our residential care homes provide a home for people of all ages, with varying degrees of independence.

Providing a Better Quality of Life

Mental health care is about enabling people to live their best lives. Some people with mental health conditions, just need background support, whilst other people need more extensive help. We promote individuals to learn how to manage their health conditions so that they can feel empowered and proactive. We always encourage independence to the right degree for each individual. The needs of one person, are not the same as the needs of another, so therefore none of our care is generic, it is all person-centred. Providing good mental health care, in a pleasant environment, with excellent facilities, gives people the chance to live their lives to the fullest. Our residential care homes are situated in beautiful locations, is lovingly cared for and maintained country houses, giving our residents the chance to enjoy their time.

Our Specialist Mental Health Services Includes

Our staff are trained in residential mental health services. Due to our responsive and proactive attitude towards training and continuous professional development, we can provide additional training modules for specific health conditions as required. Each of our mental health care homes has different specialties, but the range is very extensive from learning difficulties to Korsakoff’s Syndrome. Our trained staff spend time with each individual ensuring that they have the right level of support with their day-to-day living, and advocacy for managing their mental illness. The structure and facilities in our care homes, give people the opportunity to move towards a more independent lifestyle as they gain the skills to manage their lives.

Many of our care homes have a mix of rooms, as well as self-contained apartments, this allows for our residents to progress to different environments as they become more independent. This allows us to provide continuous and flexible support without the need for people to change locations as their needs alter.

Arranging Mental Health Care With Us

We have mental health care homes across the UK and into the Chanel Isles, so wherever you are in the country we can support you. We offer different options from respite care, giving the main carer a break, to making one of our lovely residential care homes a permanent place to live. Whatever you need, we are here to help you. As all situations are different, the best way to proceed is to speak to one of our dedicated home managers. You can search below for a care home near to you, or on the Our Homes page by using the Filter by Type function.