What kind of care home services do you provide?

We provide a range of different services in our care homes. The majority of our homes are residential, with a few offering nursing care. We also have a group of mental health homes. Each home will support people with a variety of conditions. The Home manager will be able to confirm whether we can provide the support required.

Do you provide personalised services?

Every resident in our homes is an individual and they are all treated as such. We manage our homes using the latest technology which allows us to create tailor-made care plans for each of our residents. We always aim to be flexible and to promote individual choice at all times. Knowing our residents allows us to support them to undertake as many daily living activities as possible.

What are your visiting times?

We encourage visiting at any time within reason. Our homes do operate a protected mealtime policy, where we prefer that visitors don’t come at mealtimes. Protecting mealtimes enables us to ensure that all our residents get the most out of their meals, especially as we know the importance of good nutrition in the elderly. If you wish to come in and eat with or support your loved one, please speak to the home manager and where possible will make every effort to accommodate your request.

Is there availability in each home?

Most of our homes have limited availability, our home managers are always happy to let you know whether there are spaces available. Some of our homes are near to each other and we may be able to offer you a space in a nearby home until space in your preferred home becomes available.

Do homes typically have a waiting list?

Some of our homes operate a waiting list. Our home managers will always keep you informed when a space may become available. It can be wise to look into care homes ahead of time so that you are ready should a space open up in the home of your choice.

What is the process of getting admitted to a home?

All admissions begin with a conversation. When you initially enquire the home manager will discuss your requirements with you so that we make sure that the home will be suitable. After this discussion, we will organise an assessment, so that we can check the level of care required. Once we are happy that we can provide the correct level of care for the needs. We can discuss funding, whether this is Local Authority (in which case a financial assessment will be required) or privately funded. It can be beneficial to arrange some respite visits before a permanent move, as it can help to smooth the transition. Even coming in for tea or the day can be a good step to help gain familiarity. Our home managers will talk you through any concerns that you may have about the process.

How do we organise a visit to look around a home?

Care home visits are subject to any current restrictions in line with the Government’s advice. Please contact the home to arrange a visit. We can usually accommodate visits 7 days a week, though we try and work around mealtimes, so as not to disrupt the residents. A viewing by video can be arranged should appointments in person be restricted for any reason.

What care activities do you offer?

All our homes offer a range of cognitive and physical exercises to promote daily living. Many of our homes have an activities coordinator or host who ensures that we have a good mix of different activities throughout the week. Some of the activities are led by external professionals, while other activities are led by staff who have an interest in a certain topic. We try and make sure that there is something for everyone while appreciating that not everyone wants to be involved.

Do your homes provide short term respite care? If so, what is the cost?

Our homes provide short-term respite care for those that need it. This can be beneficial for those considering moving permanently into a care home. It can also be a good stepping stone for moving from a hospital back into your own house. We can offer respite care on an ongoing basis to provide support for those who are caring for someone in their own home. We can also provide day-care for socialisation and providing a sense of community. The home manager will be able to give you the cost of respite care, based upon the length of stay and complexity of the care required.

Can you care for people living with dementia?

All our elderly care homes are developed for people with dementia. This includes designing and decorating the homes in a dementia-friendly way, as well as promoting daily activities. All our staff receive dementia training to enable them to understand the impact of Dementia and provide kind and compassionate care at all times.

Is there a choice of food and do you cater for special diets?

We always offer a choice, whether people prefer a hot meal, or simply a few sandwiches. From cake to curries we provide a great choice of home-cooked meals. Our kitchen teams are experienced at catering for a range of medical and religious needs, whether it be low sugar, vegetarian, or cultural preferences, we can cater to all tastes.

Meal times are very important to my loved one. What kind of service do you offer?

Meal times are an important focal point in our homes, both nutritionally and emotionally. We encourage our residents to come together and enjoy their meals in company. However, if they prefer to eat alone we can accommodate this. We try and maintain protected mealtimes to allow our residents the time and space to eat without being disrupted. Our menus are extensive and varied, from delicious roasts to summer salads, we aim to have something for everyone. We also have snacks available throughout the day, because who doesn’t like a biscuit or savoury with a cup of tea?

What do I need to bring with me when I come to stay?

Our rooms are tastefully furnished and we always encourage residents to bring their own items to personalise their room and make it their own. This could be photos or ornaments and we may be able to make accommodation for small pieces of furniture in your room if possible. All residents bring their own clothes and anything else that they would like to make their rooms their own.

If I’m receiving financial assistance, do I still get to choose my care home?

You still get to choose your care home even if you are receiving financial assistance. In some cases, you may need to pay a small third-party top-up fee, but our home managers will be able to explain how the funding process works, and support you to obtain funding.

How do I keep my hospital arrangements if my relative is not available to accompany me?

Our staff will always take residents to their hospital appointment if it is not possible for your family to do so.

How often are care Homes inspected?

Care homes are regularly inspected by governing bodies, CQC in England, CI in Scotland, and JCC in Jersey. Other statutory visits also occur from other organisations such as Local Authorities. As well as this we conduct our own internal monthly scrutiny and auditing process to ensure that we maintain standards between external inspections.

Is there a difference between a care home and a nursing home?

Care homes and nursing homes differ in the type of care they provide. Care homes are staffed with various grades of carers, whereas nursing homes are additionally staffed with nurses. When you speak to our home managers you will be able to check whether a care home or nursing home is more suitable for your needs.

When will care homes allow visitors?

We are closely following the Government guidelines regarding visitors. We understand the importance of family to our residents and will lift restrictions when legal and safe to do so.