What a wonderful 108th birthday celebration Hilda had in July when her family, friends and the staff at Roxholm Hall Care Centre, Lincolnshire decided to throw a small party and invite some special guests.

Hilda May Padley (formerly Hadley) has just celebrated her 108th birthday at Roxholm in Sleaford, an amazing age which the staff and her family decided needed to be shared. So, they contacted BBC Look North, the local news station, who visited Hilda on her birthday, and reported the celebrations on their evening news programme.

Hilda was in-undated with cards and gifts and staff at the home provided a wonderful selection of food and drinks for all Hilda’s guests. She was overwhelmed with all the attention, saying she thanked everyone for her good life.

Hilda celebrates her 108th Birthday      birthday cake for Hilda      birthday flowers for Hilda

Born on July 24th, 1915, Hilda was the youngest daughter of Charles and Florence Hadley. On leaving school at the age of 14, Hilda went to work for Mr Claude G & Mrs Elsie Goodchild who ran a Record, Music, Electrical, Sports Requisites and Cycle shop at 172 Arkwright Street. Hilda’s main job was looking after the music, record, radiograms and sheet music department. On one occasion, Hilda was asked to connect a radiogram to a power plug but unfortunately, she joined two positive wires together by mistake, resulting in an almighty flash and leaving the entire shop without power. Luckily Hilda was ok and did not get the sack!

When World War II broke out, Hilda joined the Land Army and was sent to work for Mr Dennis, a Farmer on the Haverholme Estate, Anwick in Lincolnshire. Hilda’s job was to pick fruit from the orchard and greenhouses but also to feed the threshing machine with sheaves of corn. This was not her favourite job as she often found herself at the wrong end of the machine and ended up covered in the chaff dust!

Hilda married Wilfred Walter Padley in 1944 and they went on to have four children, Beryl, Raymond, Derek and Sandra.

In recognition of her Land Army Service, Hilda was presented with a Land Army Medal, together with a certificate signed by the Prime Minister at the time, Gordon Brown. Hilda also now has two birthday cards from two different monarch – one from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for Hilda’s 100th birthday, and a second was received this year from His Majesty King Charles III, to celebrate Hilda’s 108th birthday.

Hilda now resides at Roxholm Hall Care Centre where she is happy and enjoys joining in with the activities. All the staff adore her, with one member of staff, Tracey Barker writing “it is such an honour being part of this inspirational lady’s care. We all love you Hilda May.