St Philips Care not only has residential care homes throughout the UK but also has five mental health homes across the country, from the north of Scotland, down to the island of Jersey. These mental health homes provide a safe and supportive environment for their residents, with enablement pathways designed around the needs of each individual.

The work done by the teams in our mental health homes is quite exceptional, and we love it when they share their success stories with us. Recently Glenn Millar, the manager of Catalina Care Home in Alness, Scotland shared one of his resident’s stories with us.

“As a result of improved self-confidence, resident Dariel has purchased a new mobility scooter through City Mobility in order to become more involved in the community and societal life. Dariel would very rarely leave the campus at Catalina due to low self-confidence, low self-belief, and paranoia. Now after an effective and progressive programme of care and support for her mental health, Dariel feels able to go shopping and go for lunch with other residents. This will enhance Dariel’s quality of life and will be promotional of a more expansive life experience.”

This is just one example of the incredible work done by our mental health teams to enable our residents to live their best lives. We are very proud of all of our staff, across all of our homes, and the amazing work they do every day.