St Philips Care Group, which has six homes in and around the Lincoln area, is proud to be working in partnership with Lincoln College. Working together they are providing training opportunities for those college students who require the chance for placements in local businesses. Whilst the placements offered are predominantly for those people training in Health and Social Care, St Philips Care is also offering placements to other students, such as painters or decorators, hairdressers, or business training.

Paul Farmer, CEO at St Philips Care says,

“We are pleased to be able to offer this opportunity to the next generation of carers and other professionals embarking on their careers. We are lucky enough to have a range of care homes across Lincoln and the surrounding area where we have the expertise and capabilities to be able to spend time with the students giving them a first-hand insight into a rewarding industry.”

There are so many workplace skills that we simply can’t teach in a classroom, and that require hands-on experience to learn. St Philips Care believes very strongly in providing access to real-life care environments, giving students a deeper and more practical understanding of the care industry. This includes different areas of care, from time understanding the challenges faced by managers daily, the creativity of the engaging activities planned by the activities co-ordinators, to the amazing food suitable for a whole range of dietary requirements as created by the kitchen team so that the students are gaining an incredible insight into the care industry.

Caroline Evans, Industry Placement Co-ordinator at Lincoln College says,

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with St Philips Care to ensure that we can optimise the training our students receive. Being able to work with supportive local businesses helps us to gain flexible placements for our students so that they can gain hands-on knowledge about the care sector.”

If you are interested in further education and building a career then take a look at the range of courses on offer at Lincoln College To learn more about St Philips Care and their homes across Lincolnshire, take a look at their website