Shout out to Kippen House!

We are proud of all of our homes, and the work that they do with all of our residents. We do love it when they receive recognition in their local community. Whether it is being stopped on the street to be thanked, or mentioned in the local paper for their great achievements, it is lovely when our teams receive great feedback for all that they do.

Kippen House Care Centre in Dunning, which provides mental health care, recently received an unannounced inspection by the Care Inspectorate, and consequently was graded as “very good.” The Care Inspectorate are the governing body in Scotland that ensure that the standard of care at homes across Scotland is too high standard. We are delighted to have received such a high standard of grade and to be given such good feedback by the Care Inspectorate.

The local paper gave Kippen House a lovely write-up about the inspection, as below:

A care home in Perthshire where people with mental health difficulties are looked after around the clock has received a positive report from inspectors.

The Care Inspector has graded the standard of support provided by staff to people saying at Kippen House near Dunning as “very good” following an unannounced assessment this month.

Staff at the home, which is registered to provide a 24-hour care service to adults with mental health difficulties and is owned and managed by St. Phillips Care Limited, were also praised for providing residents with a good range of activities to keep them occupied.

The Care Inspector’s report on Kippen House, which was just published this week, said: “We observed lots of friendly interactions between staff and people living in the home and people were seen to be encouraged and supported by staff to arrange their daily routines.

“People told us they felt very well supported to live their lives and be as independent as possible”

The report went on: “We found that support plans contained clear and comprehensive information about each other person’s health and medical needs.”

“We found that support plans were person-centred and reflected people’s abilities, wishes, desired outcomes and how they would like to receive their care and support”

It added: “A range of social activities from physical exercises to visits to local shops or games were available. There were a number of events planned for people to take part in – a recent trip to Dundee was very much enjoyed by all, afternoon rounds on the golf course and an overnight spa stay are being arranged.”

“The service plans to clear the tennis/basketball court area as this is used regularly by all during the summer months – this will further enhance the outdoor space available for people to use”

To all the team at Kippen House, we are delighted that your recent inspection showed what we know to be true, and that you do a fantastic job!