Message From The Manager

Welcome to our new newsletter, my name is Susan Gibson, manager of Whim Hall Care Centre. I took up the role of Home Manager in April 2022. I have a long history of supporting Whim Hall and St Philips Care as a manager in 2017 and moving into a senior manager’s role in 2020.

Firstly, thank you for all your support and understanding over the last 2 years whilst the world came to terms with the COVID pandemic. Thankfully guidance has moved on somewhat, with the easing of testing and the need to wear face coverings. Given the nature of our environment, we continue to ask our visitors to wear a face covering if they feel unwell. If you suspect this may be COVID-19 please speak to a member of staff who can support and advise.

With the guidance changing, we can now recommence our relative meetings each quarter, dates will be announced on our internal noticeboards and social media. As part of our commitment to improving the standard of service, these meetings are an ideal opportunity to meet with fellow family members, discuss current activities, chat over new ideas and suggestions, as well as consider what works well in our home and, areas where we could make improvements. I will be attending each meeting and look forward to the opportunity to meet with you all.

Kind Regards, Susan.

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