We are delighted to receive the following letter from the relative of a resident. It means so much to us, here at St Philips Care, to receive such incredible feedback. Our staff across all our homes work tirelessly to ensure that the quality of care that they give to people is first class, and it is lovely when they receive such a glowing recognition of the work that they do. Thank you!

I would like to know how lucky you are to have such a wonderful Manager (Vicki) and all her fantastic team at Tunstall Hall Care Home.

We think ourselves extremely lucky that we were able to find such a fantastic Home for my Auntie (Mrs Barbara Day) to be in for the final months of her life.

Walking into Tunstall Hall was like walking into a large family home. It was also welcoming and full of happiness and contentment.

Everybody that was awake had a smile on their face (and some of them in their sleep) and always wanted to interact with you and the staff who always had time to sit and talk to them.

Christmas was a wonderful time and the Staff had spent many hours decorating the many trees and rooms. One special tree was decorated with cut-outs done by the residents and was so effective.

The social life was second to none with activities on a daily basis, one afternoon when we visited they had a Karaoke Christmas Carol Video and everybody was singing Carols just like you would at home. We even ended up with hot chocolate and mince pies at the end.

The care that they provided for my Auntie was wonderful, they always had time to talk and listen to her, no matter how busy they were, and this was especially appreciated when towards the end she spent a lot of time in her room. Although on a number of occasions they managed to encourage her to get dressed to go downstairs and she really enjoyed these times and it made such a difference to her wellbeing. It was the time that they were prepared to spend with here that made a big difference.

The last week of her life she deteriorated very quickly and up until the day before she passed away had spent her time in her room.

On the day before she passed away, the Manager spent a great deal of time encouraging her to go downstairs and say goodbye to one of the residents who was moving to another home (closer to her family) and they had a little farewell event for her. My Auntie sat in her wheelchair and did the Oke Koke and played volleyball with balloons so when she went back to her room she was a very happy lady and told me all about it when I spoke to her on the telephone.

Of course, this made her very tired and she spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping, in the evening she did not drink her night drink, so the charge nurse took her up a cup of tea and spent time encouraging her to drink and talking to her until she fell asleep. Two hours later he went to check on her and she had passed away in her sleep. After all that she had been through since her fall in August, it was a wonderful way to leave us.

Of course, this has given me great comfort knowing that her last day was just the way she had hoped.

Please say thank you to the Manager and staff for helping her through this difficult time and making it as pleasant as possible, they have also helped me through one of the most challenging times I have ever been through and for that, I thank them the bottom of my heart.

How lucky you are to have such wonderful people to care for those who are unable to care for themselves.

Once again, I cannot express how lucky you are to have such a wonderful Manager and team at Tunstall Hall and know that so many of the residents benefit from the dedication and care that they give them.

You have such a warm welcoming home that you feel as soon as you walk through the door.

Will you please thank Vicki and the staff for being some of the most wonderful and dedicated people I have had the pleasure to meet?