Now that’s double dedication!

Two staff members at The Grove Care Centre in Skellingthorpe have recently celebrated working at the care home for 30 years together. Samantha Parkin, deputy manager, and Wendy Gibson, senior night manager, have been caring for residents for three decades. The Grove Care Centre is part of the family-owned care group St Philips Care, which has nine homes across the Lincolnshire area. St Philips Care is owned by Gary Hartland, who sent the two staff members an amazing hamper to celebrate their incredible dedication to caring for others.

“Over the years we have both seen many changes in how care is provided, it has been a pleasure to work at The Grove – Skellingthorpe, and we are hoping that Mr Hartland will give us a good discount on a bed when the time comes!” Samantha and Wendy demonstrate their fantastic senses of humour, which have brightened up many residents’ lives over the decades. “We have made long-term friendships over the years and the residents are like our family. Can we thank Mr Hartland for the lovely hamper which was sent to us we are extremely grateful and will enjoy it?”

St Philips Care have owned The Grove Care Centre in Skellingthorpe for around 20 years, and Paul Farmer, the CEO, says,

“We are so impressed by the loyalty and dedication that has been shown by both Samantha and Wendy over the years. We are very grateful for their hard work and the affection and compassion that they have given to so many residents over the past decades which has made a huge difference in many people’s lives. Here’s to the next decade!”

Wendy Gibson Samantha Parkin