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Why Do We Hire Overseas Workers?

As the care needs in Britain increase with our ageing population, providing professional care becomes more and more demanding. It can be hard to find trained and dedicated staff, especially in the isolated, rural locations of many of our homes. There are many highly qualified, dedicated people with an incredible work ethic who are looking to relocate to Britain, who we carefully select to bring a diversity of experience and compassion into our staffing teams across our care homes.


You cannot just come to the UK and work, all the correct paperwork and permits must be in place. We hand pick our overseas applicants and provide them with sponsorship opportunities to work in the UK. Using a Tier 2 sponsorship, we provide job security for between 3 and 5 years, giving us stability in our care teams, which benefits our residents.


We have a very strong induction process so that we fully support our overseas workers when they arrive. We know that starting a new job can be challenging, let alone relocating to a new country. We spend time on our induction process so that we are confident in our employees, and they are confident in our support.

Staff Accommodation

We have invested extensively in staff housing across the country for our overseas workers. This gives our staff the security of knowing that they have both a job and a home. This is especially important in the current housing market, where securing accommodation can be difficult. Many of our homes are in remote rural locations where there are few houses and little public transport. We know that finding accommodation in these areas can be challenging, so we have invested in houses in these areas, to support our overseas staff.

Staff house in the beautiful Scottish Highlands

Support and Training

As with all of our staff, we provide continuous support and training to our overseas staff. Here at St Philips, we believe in offering training and growth opportunities to all those who want to develop their careers in health and social care. We will always help those who want to excel in their health and social care careers.

Elderly care

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