Top Up Fees Explained

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What is a top-up?

top-up charge

A top-up charge is an additional fee that is charged to a fully funded social service resident, over and above the monies paid by the Local Authority. If you are looking for a Local Authority funded bed for your loved one, you may find that many care homes ask for a top-up. It is important to understand that this top-up is not related to the care given to your loved one. A top-up should never be charged to make up the gap between the Local Authority funding and the cost of the care. However, a top-up may secure a nicer room, with a better view or more modern facilities. Care homes are allowed to charge top-ups in England and more recently in Scotland, however, you are not legally obligated to pay a top-up.

St Philip’s has been providing Care for over 30 years. In many of our Care Home we have decided not to charge Top Up Fees to our Social Service funded residents and keep our Private Fees competitive, across our homes.

Our company is a family business and in a strong financial position, so we want to share this with our residents and their families.